PAT Testing

Aztec Home Improvements At Aztec we specialize in portable appliance testing, electrical safety testing and repairs.We can also carry out microwave leakage and emergency lighting testing.

Our qualified Engineers test all equipment with minimum inconvenience to you and your staff. This includes working out of normal office hours at no extra cost.

PAT Test Certificates and full databases are supplied on completion of work. Our engineers will travel to locations nationally.

The Portable Appliance Test is a VITAL series of checks carried out on the equipment to check safety aspects meet the required standard. The tests are carried out as follows:

Visual Inspection: the equipment is checked for signs of any visible damage such as cracked plugs or split cables.
Earth Continuity: equipment is tested to ensure it has a satisfactory earth connection.
Insulation: equipment is tested to ensure the insulation of the equipment is satisfactory.
Leakage: equipment is tested to ensure that the leakage back to earth is minimal.
Flash Test: this test is no longer carried out.

Each appliance should be suitably marked to record the examination date or display the date for retesting and the result of the test (pass or fail).

All Pat Testers we use are designed with damage protection so they will not damage IT Equipment or any items in anyway, we do not except any responsibility for any items that fail to function after testing has been carried out, as this is cause by a faulty power unit or LCD Board and is just coincidence. That is why Flash Testing on any equipment has been discontinued.

We offer: pat testing in the following areas