Fire Damage

Aztec Home Improvements If you have ever been affected by a fire damage you will know how much damage is caused when fire rips through domestic homes, offices and commercial premises. Fire is destructive and usually you have to claim to your insurance to put things back to normal due to the sheer costs involved.

Thankfully Aztec Tradesmen specialise in Fire damage restoration and are here at your disposal to assist in the re-building of your property. We are proud to be able to offer a 24/7 service and can also have a trained insurance claims expert at your property within 24 hours of contacting us.

What you need to do:

Call Aztec Tradesmen on any of the below numbers, dependant of course where you live. This way we can send out our nearest fully qualified insurance claims advisors to assist you in making a claim if the fire damage is severe enough and if it is in your best interests. We will then give you and your insurers a full schedule of works to let them and you see the full extent of the damage and our proposals to fix the damaged areas.

After all this takes place we act in a very timely manner to get the schedule of works authorised so we can get things back to normal as soon as possible.

Fire Damage:
• We work with loss adjusters
• Work with Fire Safety Officers
• Liaise with insurance companies direct for you
• Years of Experience with water damage to properties
• Experts in assessing of damage
• All Trades on site 24/7
• Guarantees on all work undertaken

Call any of our numbers below for a quick response:

East Kilbride
01698 314027
0141 813 7006
01555 337013
01355 657002
Newton Mearns
01236 262001
01698 314027 
0141 813 7006
01236 262001

We offer: fire damage in the following areas